Vanilla Orchid

vanila orchid

Vanilla comes from orchids.Vanilla flavoring is the product of the Vanilla orchid, scientific name Vanilla planifolia (Planifolia is Latin for “flat-leaved”).Vanilla orchids are vines with bright green, fleshy stems and leaves that grow singularly and alternately along the vine. Flowers grow in clusters of 12 to 20 buds, are usually about 6 inches long and yellow-green. The flowers bloom over the period of a month, and if pollinated, can potentially produce fruit (seed pods). The pods are harvested before fully ripe and then cured to create vanilla flavoring. The blooms only last one day; opening in the morning and closing at night.Vanilla planifolia is one of over 60 species of Vanilla orchid and has been around for almost 500 years.

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