Best Fragrant orchids


  1. Oncidium Sharry Baby

The fragrance of the Sharry Baby is what makes it magnificent and much sought after. It bears a remarkable resemblance with chocolate, though some people describe it as milk chocolate, or vanilla chocolate. In any case, it is one of the very few orchids that bear this unique fragrance, so it is a must for any fragrant orchid collection.

The Sharry Baby releases fragrance during the day time and is not fragrant at night. It can take 2 or 3 days for the fragrance to develop once a flower opens and the smell is quite powerful,

There are several varieties of the Sharry Baby, the most popular one being the ‘Sweet Fragrance’ variety which was awarded with AM/AOS. It is said that this is the most fragrant of all varieties.

2) Cycnodes Wine Delight

The blooms are very fragrant, the intensity of the scent can become overwhelming if kept in a small room. The fragrance is sharp, clean and slightly minty, reminding of medicine. Some people suggest it can remind of cherries, but overall the fragrance can be quite pleasant.

The scent is more noticeable in the morning hours, while in the afternoon it completely fades away.

3) Rhynchorides  Bangkok Sunset.

The flowers are moderately fragrant, smelling floral and clean. There is nothing bothering about the fragrance and can only be described as a refreshing, floral scent. This orchid releases its fragrance mainly in the first part of the day, towards the evening and night it slowly fades away.

4) The Sedirea japonica species

Is a popular fragrant species, smelling clean and fresh of delicious lemon pie. It is a bit sweet so it’s quite enjoyable, but you definitely think of lemon fruit when you smell it.

5) Rhynchostylis gigantea species

This orchid species has large flowers that give off a very powerful citrus smell.

6) Oncidium Twinkle Fragrance Fantasy

Another Oncidium hybrid. This one produces a strong and spicy vanilla scent.

7) Angranthes Grandalena

The flowers are beautiful with an icy green appearance. Very fragrant both day and night.

8) Brassavola nodosa

known as “Lady-of-the-Night,” orchid. This orchid has beautiful white flowers that are said to smell of a strong freesia or lily-of-the-valley scent

9) Miltoniopsis santanaei

This small orchid has beautiful white flowers that emit a wonderful rose smell.

10) Phalaenopsis violacea

This small beautiful orchid is said to emit a spicy cinnamon smell.

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