Vanda growing conditions


Vanda care

Vandas will bloom throughout the year, depending on their growing conditions. Healthy, happy plants with plenty of access to light, warmth and moisture will bloom at any time.
Vandas are warm-house orchids that prefer temperatures above about 18˚C. They can tolerate lower temperatures, but a prolonged exposure to colder temperatures will have a profound effect on the plant’s growth and flowering. Exposure to any temperatures below 10˚C can cause delayed flowering for up to a year.
Light:- 50% shade

watering:- In periods of high temperatures, Vandas might need to be watered twice a day.

fertilizer:- we using “Green Care – 13:27:27” (water soluable fertilizer). sparyed the fertilizer once in a week


Try to maintain 50% and above. If provided enough humidity, Vandas can be grown without any potting medium whatsoever. Many times Vandas will be shipped from overseas where they have been grown in high humidity environments, therefore being grown bare root in the basket. The ideal household does not provide enough humidity to keep Vandas growing well in bare root condition. We recommend that you lightly pack New Zealand sphagnum moss around the roots to provide moisture to the roots.

keeping water under vanda help to get the required humidity.

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