Dyakia hendersoniana sp

Dyakia hendersoniana

A genus of orchids. It contains only one species, Dyakia hendersoniana

Dyakia is a genus of orchids. It contains only one species, Dyakia hendersoniana, endemic to the Island of Borneo.


Light:- This plant prefers low to medium light. This plant also does well under artificial lights. Grow from 12 to 18 inches from fluorescent tubes.

Humidity:- 50% or higher is ideal. When growing on a slab, keep the humidity as high as possible.

Water:- This plant should be misted or watered every morning when growing on a slab. When growing in a pot, water as the mix approaches dryness

This plant flowers in the spring to summer months. Each flower stem produces about 15 to 30 miniature salmon pink flowers.


Repot this plant once a year in a net or clay pot using New Zealand sphagnum moss. These can be slab mounted as well.When growing on a slab, repotting is not necessary unless the slab develops a salt like coating on it.

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