Arundina graminifolia

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Arundina graminifolia ( Bamboo Orchid  or Bird orchid )

Arundina graminifolia is a species of orchid and the sole accepted species of the genus is terrestrial orchid with reedy stems, forming large clumps growing to a height of 70 cm to 2 m. This orchid blooms in summer and autumn. plant resembles a bamboo. A very good bloomer.


They like good humidity 70%.


24-29 C  during the day with a drop of 6-8C at night.


They like high light (2000-3000 foot candles) similar to the low end of Cattleya lighting.


“weakly, weekly”. orchid fertilizers are used with mixing with water.


Bamboo orchids should be watered as they approach dryness. Don’t let them dry out too  Much.

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