Dendrobium Antelope Type (Spatulata)

Dendrobium+Antelope+Type+(Spatulata)Temperature: Dendrobiums prefer warmer household temperatures of 20 to 27C (68 to 80F)
during the day and just slightly cooler at nights, 18 to 22C (65 to 72F). For optimal
performance, cooler winter days, 18 to 21C (65 to 70F), are recommended.

Light: Spathulate Dendrobium prefer the medium to high light of an east or shaded west or
south window. Leaves normally a vibrant green, but will bleach if plant gets too much light or
darken if not enough light is given.
Watering: Water generously, let dry between watering. Do not let stand in water. Water every
5 to 8 days during summer and every 7 to 10 days during winter.
Fertilizing: Fertilize at ¼ – ½ strength with 28-14-14 at every watering to promote new growth.
When new growth matures, start fertilizing with 10-30-20 at half strength to promote flowering.
Re-blooming: Given proper care, the stem(s) develops at the top of mature new growth.
Mature plants can bloom 2 to 3 times a year. Blooming season is generally spring to summer.
Repotting and potting medium type: Repot every 1 to 24 months, as required. A coarse
free-draining potting mix, predominantly medium grade fir bark and coarse perlite, is

Dendrobium- White

DplINvRare bright white orchids with amazing orange blush on the lips and petals.

There are innumerable Dendrobium hybrids and these are almost always derived from species within one group, either Himalayan, Australian or from New Guinea.

Dendrobiums like plenty of bright filtered (indirect) sunlight but avoid direct sunlight that may harm the leaves. They can be difficult to re-flower if they do not receive sufficient light.

Moist air is essential for dendrobium. The humidity can be increased by placing the plant on a tray of moist gravel or pebbles (indoor) and spraying a mist of water above the plant once a day preferably in the morning. 60-70% humidity is ideal

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