Catasetinae and Catasetum

Catasetinae is a group, consisting mainly of the Catasetum,Clowesia, Cycnoches, Mormodes and their hybrids

These grow rapidly during the summer months requiring copious amounts of water and fertilizer to fatten the pseudobulbs and then go into a deep winter sleep when they can be largely ignored. Catasetums and Clowesias are the most easily grown of all the Catasetinae and Mormodes the toughest one.


Ctsm pileatum

Ctsm pileatum

It is believed there are over 170 species of Catasetums, with perhaps two
dozen species commonly used in hybridizing. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and


clowesia russellianum

clowesia russellianum

There are differences in the growth and blooming habits of Catasetums and
Clowesias. Clowesias are strong growers that are very resistant to rot. They tend to have
shorter pseudobulbs that grow closely together in clumps. There are two general types of Clowesias although they are not separated into different sections. We’ll call them the large and small flowered varieties.




The Swan Orchids are beautiful although more temperamental in their growth
habit. When well grown, the tall pseudobulb produces a cascade of swanlike flowers from the middle to upper portion of the new growth. They may flower twice, once in the fall after the growth matures and still carries its leaves and once in the winter on a leafless bulbs. Similar to Catasetums, Cycnoches flowers can be either male or female. Some only have subtle differences between the two flower types


Mo Jumbo World

Mo Jumbo World

The species have a reputation for being more difficult to grow, presumably
because duplicating the environmental conditions under which they grow is more challenging. The Mormodes hybrids may be easier to grow When Mormodes is combined with Clowesia, the easy growing Mormodia is created. The vast majority of the Mormodias have been made with the small flowered Clowesias.


Clowesetum :-Catasetum x Clowesia
Catanoches :-Catasetums x Cycnoches
Clowenoches :-Catasetums x Clowesia
Mormodia :- Mormodes x Clowesia.
Catamodes :- Catasetum x Mormodes
Cycnodes :-Cycnoches x Mormodes. I
Complex Intergenerics.

Fredclarkeara Catasetum x Clowesia x Mormodes) Example black orchid or Fdk. After Dark.
Cloughara:- Catasetum x Clowesia x Cycnoches
Cyclodes :-Clowesia x Cycnoches x Mormodes
Monnierara:- Catasetum x Cycnoches x Mormodes
Georgecarrara:- Catasetum x Clowesia x Cycnoches x Mormodes

Klairvoyant orchids

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