About Plant Virus

plant virus

There are virtually no antiviral compounds available to cure plants with viral diseases, efficient control measures can greatly mitigate or prevent disease from occurring.

Preventative measures may include use of certified virus-free seed or vegetative stocks, elimination of the virus reservoirs in the surrounding wild vegetation, and modification of planting and harvesting practices. If the virus is known to be transmitted by a particular vector, control or avoidance of this vector is of paramount importance. For instance, insect, nematode or fungal vectors can be controlled by insecticides, nematicides, or fungicides, respectively.

Treatment: There is no treatment for a virused plant. Destroy the plant to prevent it from infecting other plants. If the plant is valuable, isolate it completely from other plants and follow precautions to prevent infecting other plants.

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Cymbidium mosaic virus and the Odontoglossum ringspot virus (ORSV) are two of the most common viruses affecting cultivated orchids worldwide. Infected plants can have less desirable flowers or other problems, causing significant financial losses to orchid growers. The virus has not often been reported in wild orchid populations. It can be found in a wide variety of orchid genera but does not infect plants other than orchids.

Once an orchid is infected, the virus spreads throughout the infected plant in a number of weeks. Control measures may include sanitizing pruning equipment between plants.


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