Common name for Spathoglottis is “Ground Orchids” even though there are several
other genera that can be planted directly in the ground as landscape plants. These orchids are terrestrials found in the tropics of Asia. Flowering should occur throughout the year on the most modern hybrids / clones since they were bred for more compact foliage and larger more colorful flowers.




Spa-yellow hybrid




Spathoglottis require good drainage in the media, so after a thorough watering allow the media to dry on top but you do not want the container to dry out altogether. Do not allow to sit in water.

Spathoglottis are generally “warm” growing plants liking temperatures up to the high 30 ̊ C and they can tolerate temperatures down into the upper 15 ̊ C.
Potting media 

The plants are very forgiving as to the potting media. The mix should very free draining but holds more moisture than regular media for epiphytic orchids. Do not
bury the pseudobulbs.


Blooms typically are produced when the pseudobulbs mature.


Growing Ground Orchids: How To Care For Spathoglottis Garden Orchids

Klairvoyant orchids

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