Phalaenopsis care


Humidity is the important factor for phalaenopsis care. 50 – 80% is considered ideal. Humidity levels below 50% can result in the premature loss of buds and flowers. required to keep the humid air moving to prevent fungal and bacterial diseases. Leaves should be kept as dry as possible, especially at night.

you can provide humidity by

1) maintained with a shallow pool of water near to plant.
2) humidity tray 


Water your Phalaenopsis orchids early in the morning. This insures complete water evaporation before night. Never use water that has been softened by a water softener. Plants should never stand in water. Plants that stand in water or that are watered in the evening will develop bacterial or fungal rot. Because they have no water storage organs other than their leaves, Phalaenopsis must never completely dry out. Watering frequency is a function of the medium in which the plants are grown.generally on our condition ( kerala, India) Phalaenopsis require watering on every day.

it is easy to tell when a plant needs watering. When the top inch is dry, the plants are ready for watering. To prevent diseases from occurring, water only in the morning so that the leaves are dry by nightfall.
Light and Shade

Phalaenopsis orchids do not require too much light to grow well. must take care not to burn the plant by allowing too much sunlight to shine directly on the plant. It is best to provide some shade. we used 80% shade net.

we provide green care 13:27:27 once in a week for mature plants and for young plants green care 30:10:10 twice in a week
klairvoyant orchids

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