Dendrobium species in kerala

Seventeen species and two subspecies are found in kerala.

Some of the dendrobium species  available in kerala are of the  following:-

1) Den . aqueum

Flowers are large and white and lip yellow and puberulous .

Occurrence : Palghat District


2)Dendrobium barbatulum

This is a large flowered species.

Occurrence : Wayanad and Kannur Districts.

Dendrobium barbatulum

3) Dendrobium crepidatum

This species were collected  from Meghalaya . This species occurs in two forms-one with normal flowers and the other with more or less actinomorphic and self pollinating flowers .

Occurrence : Wayanad and Kannur Districts

Dendrobium crepidatum

4) Dendrobium herbaceum

These species were  collected  from ‘ East India ‘ and   it much branched and small flowered .

Occurrence : Trivandrum, Idukki, Palghat, Wayanad and Kannur Districts

Dendrobium herbaceumDendrobium herbaceum

5 ) Dendrobium macrostachyum

This species were collected from Sri Lanka. This is the most common species of Dendrobium in the lower elevations in Kerala.

Occurrence : Trivandrum, Quilon, Kottayam, Idukki, Thrissur, Palghat, Calicut, Wayanad and Kannur districts.

Dendrobium macrostachyum

6 ) Dendrobium nanum

These species were collected from Bababoodan hills in Karnataka.

Occurrence : Pathanamthitta, Palgahat and Wayanad districts.

Dendrobium nanum

7) Dendrobium-microbulbon

This species were collected  from Ootacamund in Nilgiris.

Occurrence : Trivandrum District.


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