Den. fimbriatum

Den_fimbriatum fma fimbriatum 1

Den. fimbriatum has erect, arching or pendulous cane-like stems that are 60-120 cm or more (180-200 cm) long.
They become light yellow-green and furrowed with age and bear many two ranked leaves along the upper half.
Its oblong acute, dark green leaves that are 8-15 cm long and 2-3 cm broad are deciduous after 2-3 seasons.
Pendulous inflorescences up to 18 cm long are borne from the upper nodes of the matured, leafless stems.
Each stem can produce racemes for several seasons.
Bearing 6-15 showy flowers that open together on each raceme, the resulting display on a large plant is certainly spectacular.

klairvoyant Orchids

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