Horsemanure, the Perfect Orchid Growing Medium.

Fresh horsemanure with a covering of sphagnum moss. Water was given freely every day, but the medium and the pot allowed free drainage.Nothing else was added, the horsemanure providing all the requirements Below photo shown result of added horsemanure. The plant is almost twice the size and has 22 flower spikes Source:- Nic van den Bosch’s […]

Dendrobium Kikies what it is and how

kikie is a plant produced by an orchid plant, The baby plant is an exact clone of the mother plant, sometimes flowering while still attached to the mother. The word keiki is Hawaiian for “baby” or “child”, literally “the little one” Dendrobium, the keiki is typically found sprouting along the length of the cane or from the end of the cane. This is induced […]

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid :- Most expensive Orchid Flower

There are some truly unusual orchids in existence but this one is particularly unique.Developed by Chinese agricultural scientists, this flower is completely man made and is named after the Shenzhen Nongke University where it was created. It took scientists eight years of research to create this delicate and elegant flower which only blooms every 4-5 […]

Sending Orchid plants to spain

The most common problem that people face, especially when receiving a package from back home is that every package that goes through Spanish customs can be subject to fees. The Spanish government will tax anything they deem valuable and might even reserve the right to open and inspect your package. Even if the package was […]

Rhizanthoid Cattleya

The rhizanthoid Cattleyas differ from the other species of Cattleya by having inflorescences which arise directly from the rhizome,(Refer 1st picture) instead of from the apex of the pseudobulb. (Refer 2nd picture).Its native habitat is Brazilian Central Plateau. (1) Directly from the rhizome        (2) The apex of the pseudo bulb Example 1) […]

Laelia rubescens

Laelia rubescens is a species of orchid native to Mexico and Central America. Laelia rubescens also called as The Rosy Tinted Laelia, Amalia acuminate, Amalia peduncularis, Amalia rubescens, Bletia acuminata, Bletia peduncularis, Bletia rubescens, Bletia violacea, Cattleya acuminata, Cattleya pendicularis, Cattleya rubescens, Laelia acuminata, Laelia inconspicua, Laelia peduncularis, Laelia pubescens, Laelia rubescens f. peduncularis, Laelia […]


masdevallia orchids

Malleola baliensis

Malleola Malleola is a genus of flowering plants from the orchid family. It has about 30 species, native to Southeast Asia, China, New Guinea and Melanesia Malleola baliensis Malleola baliensis is included in the genus Malleola Light and Temperature particularly easy cultivation that can bloom several times during the year, requires high brightness, but not […]

Aerangis( Aergs)

Aerangis( Aergs) :-a genus of the Orchid family


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